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ÆXDO offers you a solution for digitizing your projects for simplified access, easier, interactive and enhanced visualization that allows you to optimize, perform simulations, save time and limit the production of paper documents

  • More and more buildings are being built in urban areas, on land formerly used by industrial activities
  • Regulations require extensive environmental studies that produce very large and often complex reports that are difficult to read and operate.
  • The processing of these reports requires many hours of lost time to manage, exploit the data... The analysis, a very important part, is in fact drowned in the data flow
Value creation
  • Using æxdo allows you to focus on analyzing and optimizing the project and creating value for your client. Æxdo takes care of the daunting work and provides the data in the most suitable format
  • Data is enriched and geolocated and accessible even in the field
  • Data exchange and processing provides more value and reduces costs
  • The service collects and manages data (geological, chemical analyses, organoleptic data, GPS, etc.) collected during one or more sampling campaigns on a potentially polluted site
  • Æxdo is:
    • a mobile application for field data entry,
    • a SaaS platform to provide data in the form of tables, graphs and 3D views
    • project management dashboards,
    • gateways to business software (Autocad, REVIT, BIM, etc.)

There is no global project management software

  • Need to work through different products
  • No data exchange between actors

Promoters, investors, social landlords, local authorities -SEM - SNCF - EPF - Army - Industrialists, assistant project manager, Experts and consultants

  • Up to 1% gain on project cost during design
  • Easy data management & sharing
  • Simplified data access to optimize projects
  • Communication tool (3D visual)

Design offices, pollution control companies, general contractors, treatment sectors

  • Data entry
    • Geology/pollutants/coordinates
    • Geolocated photos/Graphic documents
  • Editing appendices for reports
  • 3D view/Access to field data
  • Site preparation/BIM/excavation plan
  • Consultations on processing channels
  • Processing simulation

Management of site data

  • Access to data in the field
  • Data sharing
  • Monitoring of polluted land
  • Reports edition
  • Site management

An experienced team

We develop the tool we have dreamed of to do your work
Dominique Poux
CEO, Product owner

Specialist in pollution control and environment since 1998 Management, core business, key accounts

William Schlegel

Serial Entrepreneur IT development Data and Augmented Reality IT development and maintenance

Bernard Bongras
Sales manager

Sales of pollution control products for 25 years Business development, customer relations

Trino Beltran
CFO - Marketing

Expert in innovation and digital transformation of construction trades Strategic marketing, innovation



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